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Color's of Love - International Queer Film Festival announces the OFFICIAL SELECTION  LIST. We received around 50 films around the word. 

LGBT - Gay Films
Angelos At Christmas.jpg
Angelos At Christmas
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: It is Christmas Eve. Angelos, a mysterious 50-year-old man, observes a young boy singing the carols in the streets of Athens. He convinces the child to go with him in his car towards an unknown destination.
The Elevator.jpg
The Elevator
Directed by : Victor Santos
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: After moving to his new apartment, Gabriel meets Sam, this charming neighbor who is the opposite of him, in the building elevator. After they have crossed to each other in the elevator a few times, Gabriel has to overcome his shyness and insecurities to call his new neighbour out. 
Pillow Talk.jpg
Pillow Talk
Directed by : James Elinski
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: With a new dating device that simulates physical touch, an isolated chef, Jerome, uses it to make a genuine connection. After only finding men looking for virtual one-night stands, he finally stumbles upon Minoru, an awkward artist who lives on the other side of the world. An unlikely bond builds between them as they both express their passions for cooking and painting. Their brief interaction bubbles to an erotic climax as the two find comfort in their shared loneliness.
The Place of the Skull.jpg
The Place of the Skull
Directed by : Dave Rodkey
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Clark and Catherine’s relationship with their father Jack has been strained ever since the divorce, but Jack hopes that Easter dinner will help to put everything on the right course. However, his announcement that he will be marrying their childhood best friend Sergio only riles them up even further.
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: A story about affections and crossings. When Luís and Alexandre's relationship comes to an end, the fact that Dinha, a housemaid who has taken care of Luís since he was a child, is Alexandre's grandmother. A universal story about affection.
LGBT - Lesbian Films
Love & Revolution.jpg
Love & Revolution
Directed by : Jacqui North
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: Palestinian and queer women call for peace, justice, and an end to colonial violence and apartheid. A poetic documentary in 16:9 format that is also available as a vertical light-artwork for outdoor projection onto a wall.

Gather to live not wait, to love not hate. Women unite the street with light-artworks and strong lyrics. Hear 2021’s most awarded poet Sara Saleh, an Arab-Australian human rights lawyer and Candy Royalle, queer priestess of poetry (RIP) with street artist @Ms Saffaa.

‘We are dawn and dusk, there is no light without our dark, we are growing new worlds and new worlds are growing us’ writes Sara in vivid Arabic and English. Video-artist Jacqui North with love-labour by people of colour and LGBTQI community.

‘wow, stunning film and poetry’
Anne-Marie Te Whiu, Red Room
LAURA'S VOICE 2.0 (from HUMAN VOICE by Jean Cocteau.).jpg
LAURA'S VOICE 2.0 (from HUMAN VOICE by Jean Cocteau.)
Directed by : Giuseppe Bucci
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: "La voce di Laura" is a tribute to the legendary text "The human voice" by Jean Cocteau. (the last, relase in Venice is directed By Pedro Almodovar and performed by Tilda Swinton)

But unlike the other versions (Anna Magnani/Rossellini, Sophia Loren, Simone Signoret, Liv Ulman) in this short the woman, in her last phone call to the person she loves, is not the obvious lover of a married man.

In a twist in the middle of the story, we discover that from the top of the phone there is not a man but another woman.
And become too an intelligent opportunity to address very topical issues such as rainbow families, same-sex marriages, adoption, stepchild adoption, surrogacy, gestation for others.

And this way the short becomes a proof of a famous italian
actress by Rosaria De Cicco
(wich shooted many films with the famous gay director Ferzan Ozpetek's "Le fate ignoranti" "La finestra di fronte" ...)
This intense short ending with an intense 11' sequence shot

An exciting short tribute to a text written over a hundred years ago, however, captures the deepest intentions...
Cocteau was in fact homosexual and probably this type of staging (about problem between same sex person) is closer in spirit to those brought to the screen by many other famous versions
The Out-Fit.jpg
The Out-Fit
Directed by : Maty Young
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: When coming out of the thrift store isn't all you do. A new coming-of-age queer film follows Emily, a costume-wearing 25-year-old, on her journey through change, love, and discovering one's self. Written by Australian, Jessica Rookeward. Our director, writer, DP, composer and two actresses are Australian. All actors are proud members of the LGBTQ family. All rights of this film belong to Jessica Rookeward - creator and writer.
LGBT - Bisexual Films
Directed by : Dayna Li
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: CHARLOTTE, 22, a recently-graduated composer who feels insecure about singing in public finds herself unexpectedly smitten by AURORA, 22, her star performer classmate. Charlotte is soon devastated by the discovery that her feelings are unrequited. This erodes her confidence and heightens her confusion about her sexuality, which she must overcome in order to find her own voice.
LGBT - Transgender Films
Directed by : Arianna Mattioli
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: Giorgio is a teenager who is discovering his inner nature. Getting off the carousel of his childhood, he faces the world that awaits him: there are people more or less capable of understanding him, both ready to offer a hand or reject him, as if he were wrong or inadequate.
Strong of his will, he goes deep in the abyss that only he can see in the mirror of his childhood's room.
Radiant and confident, there is the woman he wants to become, and he leaves behind only a cocoon: a body that doesn’t represent him, in which he was born and from which he wants to get out.
Under My Skin.jpg
Under My Skin
Directed by : Sabah Boumeshouli
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: Ben, a transgender man, has withdrawn from the world for a while when one day he gets a call from a friend inviting him to a party, his identity conflict appears
LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films
PAROLES, PAROLES (Words, words).jpg
PAROLES, PAROLES (Words, words)
Directed by : Franck VILLETTE
Submission Category : LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films

Synopsis: Some men and women hear words. Words, again and again, the same words. Just words? Those words are discriminatory, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic. Some of them will be insulted, despised, harassed, threatened, mugged, tortured, killed.
Who are the assailants? Who are the victims?
Those words are criminal, murderous, lethal. Deadly.
It’s like a slap or a punch in the face. Or even worse.
Directed by : Anatael Pérez
Submission Category : LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films

Synopsis: 4 teenagers of different sexual orientation tell their experience at a party where they met a boy named Tarek.
The four testimonies reveal a very deep connection between the characters, who despite their differences have experienced similar situations.
"Tarek" talks about how people belonging to the LGTBI collective suffer discrimination and rejection due to their sexual condition.
LGBT - Documentary Films
Funeral Queen.jpg
Funeral Queen
Directed by : Marty Madden
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: This documentary short explores the lives, loves and extraordinary passions of Santa Fe Funeral Director/Drag Queen, Marie Antoinette Du Barry and her relationship with her Grandmother while discovering an unexpected link between drag performance and grief.
Directed by : Alexander Weller
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: Joel Rossouw has been transforming himself into the Drag Queen "Katja Put-it-in" in the evenings for many years. With the help of make-up and clothes, the native South African puts aside his introverted self in order to live out another side of himself. In this portrait, Joel tells of his journey to himself. His childhood, first steps into the world of drag and his relationship with his husband are discussed.
LGBT - Animation Films
The Magentalman and The Gentlemint.jpg
The Magentalman and The Gentlemint
Directed by : James Crang
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: The Magentalman lives an ordinary life in his empty world, every day is the same. Life is boringly black and white, until there’s green. Mint green.
A gay love story about how it feels to find your soulmate.
Directed by : Rhael McGregor
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: Lilith the Vampire is going on a date with a girl she likes and wants to impress but runs into a monster hunter that is ruining her night. Lilith risks being revealed as a monster and ruining the night she planned out, can she save the date?
LGBT - Music Video
Dark Disco.jpg
Dark Disco
Directed by : Lauren Hardt
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: A murdered call girl comes back to life for one last night of revenge in the hazy, campy video inspired by John Waters films and the darker side of LGBTQ+ nightlife.
Taycan - Ovala.jpg
Taycan - Ovala
Directed by : Firat Gürgen
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: With Taycan's new music video "Ovala”(Rub), we want to emphasize the reality of sexual fluidity in Turkey. Our reality that cannot be hidden and undenied!

We are trying to show a discourse with the power of art against all judgments and restrictions. This body is ours. These orientations are ours! We all came together in this project with a striking, avant-garde and yet colorful attitude that produces multiple connotations with a protest stance without being political.

Don't you think it's time we rub off some norms without lingering?
COLOURS _ Nick Saanto (official video clip).jpg
COLOURS _ Nick Saanto (official video clip)
Directed by : Amandine Navarro
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Nick Saanto and their dancers go to a strange Queer museum. People of the LGBTQIA+ community are locked-up in rooms where visitors can look, scrutinize and judge them. Nick releases them one by one, and gives them the freedom they’ve always deserved.
Pride (ft. Lady Londyn & Blxck Cxsper).jpg
Pride (ft. Lady Londyn & Blxck Cxsper)
Directed by : Amandine Navarro
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Two artist friends call each other by visio and share their ideas about identity. Lady Londyn, a 'trans woman' singer calls from her loft in Los Angeles and Blxck Cxsper, a non-binary artist, from Montreal. They talk about being proud of who they are, no matter what the trials. Transition is part of every person's growth. Lady Londyn is able to help Blxck Cxsper come out of the shadows and be who they truly chooses to be despite the difficulties they face.
Ulrichs 1867.jpg
Ulrichs 1867
Directed by : Sven Niemeyer
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), was a lawyer, journalist, publisher, writer, pioneer of sexology and is known as the "first open gay man" and "LGBTQ+"-activist in Germany.

At the German Juristentag in Munich in 1867, he publicly called for the impunity of same-sex sexual acts for the first time in a speech, which led to tumultuous scenes among the audience and his speech being broken off.

Even if many things have changed since then, there is still a long way to go...
LGBT - Pride Celebration Films
Taiwan Pride for the World
Directed by : Larry Tung
Submission Category : LGBT - Pride Celebration Films

Synopsis: This year, more than 400 pride events around the world were canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Taiwan is fighting the virus effectively and decided to host a pride parade for the world.
Anywhere is a Dancefloor.jpg
Anywhere is a Dancefloor
Directed by : Mathew Beckett
Submission Category : LGBT - Pride Celebration Films

Synopsis: ‘Anywhere is a Dancefloor' is a new collaboration between choreographer Jason Guest and drag artist & cultural producer Fatt Butcher.

Through celebrating the creativity, resilience, and fierce spirit of Birmingham’s LGBTQ+ nightlife community this new work is an invitation to the city to create their own dancefloors anywhere and everywhere!
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