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Color's of Love - International Queer Film Festival announce the OFFICIAL SELECTION  LIST. We received around 1500 films around the word. 

LGBT - Gay Films
Intrinsic Moral Evil.jpg
Intrinsic Moral Evil
Directed by : Harm Weistra
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make its own interpretation.
Lost Love Memories.jpg
Lost Love Memories
Directed by : Antonio Scarabaggio
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Mentre il conflitto infuria sulla terre francesi, le truppe tedesche giungono ad Arras accerchiando il territorio eliminando tutto ciò che si oppone alla loro volontà. Cruenti scontri avvengono tra le truppe tedesche e i soldati inglesi, finchè in tutto questo odio,rabbia e violenza un segreto si rivelerà prepotentemente tra due soldati semplici, il tedesco Eirik Vonmets e l’inglese James Williams; La loro sfrenata ricerca l’uno dell’altro sul campo di battaglia rischiando la propria vita nonostante i numerosi limiti come la guerra,le fazioni opposte,le discriminazioni sessuali giungerà al suo scopo finale;quello di vivere da uomini liberi. - 
While the conflict rages on French Lands, the German troops arrive at Arras surrounding the territory and wiping out everything that counteracts their will. On the Battlefield the German Eirik Vonmets and the English James Williams are engaged in the uncontrolled search of one other risking their own lives, heedless of the dangers all around them. At the end, the final goal will be achieved: they'll finally be able to live as free men. 
Directed by : Jewel IV
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: With a local photography competition deadline approaching, 22-year-old Marcus Carter is persuaded by his best friend, Chelsea, to submit intimate photos of his lover, Levi. Later that night, Marcus shows Levi the photos, which results in a heated argument, and the truth about their relationship is revealed. Filled with anger and unsettled feelings, Marcus spitefully submits the photos to the competition.
Directed by : Maxime Beauchamp
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: "Iridescence" is an experimental visual short film, which exposes how society needs to label a person by their sexuality. In this story, dance and interpretive movement replaces the dialogue, allowing us to use the body to communicate the relationship between the characters and they’re true human emotions. Through stylize lighting and abstract visual, Iridescence tells the story of an emotionally repressed abusive father and his son who struggles to accept himself and his sexuality.
Directed by : Josza Anjembe
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Issa, 20 years old, is about to get out from jail, when he meets Gaetan a young inmate who has not served his sentence yet...
Jonas, 18.jpg
Jonas, 18
Directed by : Alejandro Lobo
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Following a brief iling, a complex-ridden gruff man develops an unhealthy obsession with an 18-year-old male prostitute. After not hearing from him for several days, the man sets out in search of him.
Directed by : Ernesto Estatico
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Carlo is an amateur boxer, who trains in a renowned gym in his neighborhood! A forge of champions. The young and immature boxer fights every day against his opponents and against the prejudices of a bigoted society, which is still struggling to accept homosexuality. His training weighs twice as much and his achievements are worth the same, specially in a manly environment like that of boxing, when for those like Carlo, maybe, there is still no place.
Directed by : Alessio Marzilli
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Andy, a 20 years old thoughtful guy, comes back to his hometown (rural england) after the death of his father, Abraham, a famous chameleon expert. When he arrives he discovers that his dad left his laboratory full of chameleons to him. Since Abraham constantly neglected Andy to look after his Chameleons, the young guy has subconsciously adopted Chameleon features.
Directed by : Luis Marciliano
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: Juvi is dealing with the burden of guilt put upon him by his boyfriend, when an otherworldly force gives him the opportunity to begin a journey of forgiveness.
Directed by : Rita Krasniqi
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: After convincing his friends to perform in their Drag outfits at a night club owned by a very homophobic businessman, things go awry when their performance is stopped suddenly by a wardrobe malfunction and their true identities are revealed, putting all their lives in instant peril.
Don't Tell Mama.jpg
Don't Tell Mama
Directed by : Conrad Alejandro Faraj
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: A young man with a long-kept secret becomes conflicted about revealing it to his mother.
Directed by : Pierre Verquin
Submission Category : LGBT - Gay Films

Synopsis: A love and hate story between two boy, a boy and a girl, a boy and himself.
LGBT - Lesbian Films
Directed by : MIguel Angel Barroso
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: In the labyrinth of love a game of contradictions takes place: two women fight a duel with their feelings; one is reason and the other is the heart… but the labyrinth proliferates until it culminates in the ritual of disorderly blood and overexcited viscera..
Directed by : Aniez Atlas
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: The story about a woman in love with another woman in love with a man
and Returning.jpg
and Returning
Directed by : Daphne
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: One evening, Rina, who is a salon employee, meets Eli, her best friend. Rina lives in a city without family, she only has her best friend named Eli, and vice versa. Eli comes to see Rina at the salon. They went out at night and followed the road to angkringan. Eli and Rina show their closeness, more than friend. They spent the night while enjoying cityscapes. On the way home, Rina found the right place and time to tell the news of her marriage to Eli, on the last night they could be together. Rina who was forced to return to her hometown and have an arranged marriage, made her initiate a meeting that night.
Directed by : Andrew Creak
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: Jenny, a young woman in her early twenties, is alone in her flat with her thoughts and memories. The love of her life, Harriet, recently passed away after a car accident, but Jenny can’t bring herself to let her go just yet. Harriet would have wanted Jenny to move on, to be happy, to be content, and Jenny knows this, but she doesn’t quite feel ready to let her go yet.
Sometimes I just.jpg
Sometimes I just
Directed by : Leon Stanislawski
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: While the sun is already rising, an emotional discussion between two young women keeps getting distracted by their drunk friends, until one of them provides a drastic solution for their problems. A one-shot-journey.
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: Alicia and Vero are room watchmen in an art gallery and only see each other during shift change. A work of art will test their feelings.
She Who Lives Upstairs.jpg
She Who Lives Upstairs
Directed by : Amarildo Martins
Submission Category : LGBT - Lesbian Films

Synopsis: Luzia becomes the Guinea Pigs of candies made by her pastry chef neighbor, Carmem. Their Friendship grows for a platonic passion, which brings a new flavor for the bitters Luzia days.
LGBT - Bisexual Films
So long, Paris!.jpg
So long, Paris!
Directed by : Charles Dudoignon-Valade
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: A bittersweet comedy about a fanciful and rebellious pre-teen who ends up accepting her parents' divorce after an unexpected encounter with her dad's male lover.
Pink Barong.jpg
Pink Barong
Directed by : Veronica Velasco
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: Eric discovers-- and accepts-- his father's secret identity after his death.
The Gift.jpg
The Gift
Directed by : Daniel Wierman
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: A man that goes after a birthday gift and a man behind a birthday gift.
Directed by : Rut Angielina
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: A short story about relationships, friendships, hope and disappointments. A small sample of the daily deception to which we are exposed without realizing it. A magical illusion.
Factory Talk.jpg
Factory Talk
Directed by : Lucie Rachel, Chrissie Hyde
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: Factory Talk is an intergenerational conversation about identity, sexuality and masculinity in a rural factory. Through the clanging of metal they make small talk, but as the gripes and grumbles testify to better times, the questions rising on the factory floor are of more than just nostalgia.
Directed by : Titouan Le Gouis
Submission Category : LGBT - Bisexual Films

Synopsis: Theo must find a way to show people who he really is. His father is convinced he raised a future diving champion, while his new  teammate, Arthur, thinks he’s just another potential one night stand.
LGBT - Transgender Films
Directed by : Soheil Nazari
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: Ali and Amir saw each other after six years and spent the night together in Ali's villa. Suddenly, Ali's wife comes and confronts the truth ...
I'm a girl.jpg
I'm a girl
Directed by : Richard Zubelzu
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: The short film "I am a girl" aims to make visible the reality of transsexuality in childhood and highlight the importance of the figure of grandparents.
A dialogue of complicities, misunderstandings and conflicts to overcome; an unconditional love, respecting, supporting and assuming from the first moment the process of sexual identification of a 10 year old girl.
Directed by : Eili Bråstad Johannessen
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: Conflicted emotions visualised through a dream-like montage.
Directed by : Iara Forzisi
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: "Noah and Lola share with us how they experience their identity as artists and activists. The problems of the trans community run through all of us as a society since every day they kill, persecute, mistreat and repress our transvestite and transgender companions."
Fernanda's Spring.jpg
Fernanda's Spring
Directed by : Débora Zanatta, Estevan de la Fuente
Submission Category : LGBT - Transgender Films

Synopsis: In the life of Fernanda, a possibility of rebuilding her own image opens up. And this happens from an offer of employment that reactivates in her all the relationship of affection that had been built with her mother during her childhood. But Fernanda, who is always in need of negotiating her identity with the outside world, will go through yet another test.
LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films
Mergulhe em mim.jpg
Mergulhe em mim
Directed by : Daniel Zacariotti
Submission Category : LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films

Synopsis: "Mergulhe em Mim" arises from the need to debate the space of the body, touch and sex in contemporary times. Bringing light to the narratives and bodies of LGBTQIA + subjects, the multimedia project started in 2018 aims, based on biographical and poetic reports supported by audiovisual and photographic materials, to show the importance of these subjects in a collective space and not only private, especially for dissident subjects of sex and gender. We must understand the body as a political space and, the queer body, as a weapon against the subjective dictatorships of the world.
Third Place.jpg
Third Place
Directed by : Milan Bath
Submission Category : LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films

Synopsis: Just before qualifying for an international competition, the young sprinter Kim is pressured by her sponsors to undergo a gender verification test. Kim faces a crisis of identity and social isolation as her sex is called into question.
Directed by : Raul Zavala
Submission Category : LGBT - Sexual Diversity Films

Synopsis: In 2019 the Chilean social outbreak. People take to the streets every day in order to demand dignity for the people and with this it is possible to call a plebiscite for a new Constitution. This is how stories and stories appear that reflect the need for a country that requires changes. Images that reveal the violence with which the State has faced the crisis and the tenacity with which different people decide to fight for a more just, egalitarian and inclusive Chile.
LGBT - Documentary Films
Directed by : David Mark Farrington
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: A homo- activist goes to a party at the Cannes Film Festival to explore the queer side of the international film industry
Bartolina Xixa.jpg
Bartolina Xixa
Directed by : Caleidoscopio Cooperativa Audiovisual
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: Bartolina Xixa is an andina drag artist. Thinking of his own history, inspired by a Chola paceña and in the constant search to give transformism a more indigenous perspective, he rebuilds Bartolina. With transformism, he allowed himself to feel and denounce what is often denied or made invisible.
Bubby & Them.jpg
Bubby & Them
Directed by : Hazel Field, Je'Jae Cleopatra Daniels
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: Bubby & Them is a docufictional short video about the relationship between two liminal members of the Lower East Side Orthodox Jewish community: Je’Jae, a genderqueer college student, and Razi, their adoptive grandmother. The movie examines how the two femmes support each other in their struggles, share space, and create a chosen family.
Cecil & Carl.jpg
Cecil & Carl
Directed by : Elvis León
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: Cecil has lived alone in a giant house ever since Carl, his partner of 43 years, was diagnosed with advanced dementia and admitted to a nursing home. Not about grand gestures of love or being gay, this story focuses on commitment and the duties that come with it.
Miss Blue Moon.jpg
Miss Blue Moon
Directed by : Hadassah Curry
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: Newly crowned Miss Blue Moon 2020, Scarlet Fairweather, has been struggling to do live in-person events due to the Pennsylvania State Stay-In-Home Order since March. Scarlet Fairweather find other ways to hustle and maintain their income during this pandemic by continuing to be the performer they are.
Directed by : Jan Pieter Tuinstra, Keren Levi
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: A Vogue dancer performs at a Voodoo Carnival Ball, an important dance contest where he will have to prove himself to be accepted by the local ballroom community. He remembers growing up on Sint Maarten, a small island in the Caribbean and all the changes he has been through since. The freedom he longed for seems within reach. Based on the biographical story of Elvin Elejandro Martinez and narrated by him, ‘Otherland’ is a juxtaposition of two narratives that evoke new associations for viewers: while the visual story of the ball is fictional, the film is based on in-depth research into the Dutch ballroom community and all the characters and dancers are part of the European ballroom/vogue community.
Rainbow Rodeo.jpg
Rainbow Rodeo
Directed by : Emily MacDiarmid & Bree Zender
Submission Category : LGBT - Documentary Films

Synopsis: The National Reno Gay Rodeo was once a thriving event for the LGBTQ+ community. Homophobia in Northern Nevada evoked fear, but the Reno Gay Rodeo offered an inclusive space for individuals to express their true identities. Its founder, Phil Ragsdale, created an event that countered stereotypes about the LGBTQ+ community. As the AIDS Crisis struck, attendance at the Reno Gay Rodeo dwindled. Due to financial woes and the AIDS Crisis, the Reno Gay Rodeo halted after 1984. Although its legacy continues in other places, Reno hasn’t held one since then. 
Rainbow Rodeo details the founding of the first gay rodeo, the effects of the AIDS crisis and the lasting impact of the movement.
LGBT - Animation Films
Directed by : Lison Mombellet
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: For most transgender people going to the beach is a fantasy
Closet-life before & after 377.jpg
Closet-life before & after 377
Directed by : Nitish Choudhary
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis:  According to section 377, homosexuality was considered a crime and in our society, it was even more scary. They were made fun of, laughed at, taunted and threatened which was inhumane. 
On 6 September 2018, Indian Supreme Court declared section 377 is illegal and unconstitutional.
If homosexuality isn't a crime today, then our society is a perpetrator which has afflicted pain upon innocents.
"Humanity is bigger than any law and constitution"
Directed by : Selwin Vervoort
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis:  Travelling through the thoughts of Lucas, a man who is afraid of losing his masculinity after eating a pink fruit. This dialogue-free movie is about insecurity, it’s juicy and a bit erotic. Expect fast and organic movements, transitions and metamorphosis. 
A MIVC St. Joost graduation film by Selwin Vervoort.
Take Me With You.jpg
Take Me With You
Directed by : Chloe Ladds
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: ...
The Queens' Tale.jpg
The Queens' Tale
Directed by : Nathalie Sandstad, Sarah Hiorns
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: Elven Princess Lianna has come of age. The perfect age to wed.
Following traditions, the King hosts a tournament to see who is worthy of his precious daughter.
But with each challenge, Lianna intervenes with her magic. For she has no intention to wed. At least, not to a prince…
A Little More Blue.jpg
A Little More Blue
Directed by : Sugandha Bansal
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: A Little More Blue is the story of a girl, trapped inside the body of a boy. Since childhood she knew she was a girl and that someday she will have to break off her shackles and tell the truth to everyone. But until that day; she struggled between having the body of a boy and soul of a girl.
The film is based on a true story.
Color off love.jpg
Color off love
Directed by : Quentin Kum
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: The story is about a boy who needs love. Once he met a girl who changed his life...
Directed by : Rubén Gallardo
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: Fen is a trans man that longs for love and support from his conservative family and his friends.
To all the boys I loved.jpg
To all the boys I loved
Directed by : Franco Ariel Malizia
Submission Category : LGBT - Animation Films

Synopsis: Every person who passes through our life leaves a mark on ourselves, but none is as permanent as the ones left by the people we once loved.
LGBT - HIV based Film
Hard Copy.jpg
Hard Copy
Directed by : Jackson Castillo Evans
Submission Category : LGBT - HIV based Film

Synopsis: What makes one human? How you're born or the choices you make? A short surrealist drama about what it means to play god.
Directed by : Manu Morales Contreras
Submission Category : LGBT - HIV based Film

Synopsis: Two lives getting deteriorated start a friendship framed in the reflections about identity, loneliness and death during the 90's in Chile. A story about fellowship and HIV/AIDS, inspired by the literary work of Pedro Lemebel.
HUGO  630.jpg
HUGO : 6:30
Directed by : Simon Helloco & James Maciver
Submission Category : LGBT - HIV based Film

Synopsis: Hugo, a young actor is asked to improvise narrating a story where he’s the actor and director at an audition. He unfolds a tale that explores sex, disease and self-emancipation.
LGBT - Music Video
Zero Kill - #AttentionWhore.jpg
Zero Kill - #AttentionWhore
Directed by : Lucas Shannon
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: A shy young man dreams of his sexual liberation facing being judged in a conservative college
Know You More.jpg
Know You More
Directed by : Inaki Velasquez
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Music video for the song "Know You More" by Iñaki
...Tú Novio Se Entere.jpg
...Tú Novio Se Entere
Directed by : Jennifer Zarzuela
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Nikael tries to seduce a girl away from her boyfriend, but in reality, she is just his cover for something more.
Golden Hour by lemonpuffs.jpg
Golden Hour by lemonpuffs
Directed by : Koo Chia Meng
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: ...
Lodo - Prisao.jpg
Lodo - Prisão
Directed by : Pedro Caldeira, Paulo Graça
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: Musicvideoshort for the portuguese band LODO, dealing with the fragments of a relationship
Untitled design (1).png
Batwanes Beek
Directed by : Reda Lahmouid
Submission Category : LGBT - Music Video

Synopsis: A music video for the Rime Salmi's cover of the classic arabic hit "Batwanes Beek", sung originally by Warda
LGBT - Pride Celebration
Directed by : Jiya Bhardwaj
Submission Category : LGBT - Pride Celebration

Synopsis: Closets (Almariyaan) is a journey of a middle - class Indian couple who work on learning and accepting their son's sexuality and help make a comfortable ground for him to come out of " the closet" , but when the actual truth comes out, they can't come to terms with it.
A perfect satire to bring out the importance and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community in India in the current times, the film is a fun ride that leaves you with thinking about much more than it projects.
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